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Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science (Anthropology)

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Program Description

Anthropology seeks to document and understand the breadth of the human experience and cultural diversity. The Registered Track in Anthropology provides a thorough foundation in disciplinary concepts and methods, preparing a student to transfer directly into upper division coursework to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four year institution.  Anthropology is a flexible major with broad application to many fields and students may take their studies further and pursue careers in academia, business, government, community building, and the non-profit sector.

For more information, visit the SUNY Transfer Path website.

This degree has been approved by SUNY and NYS Education Department for online distance learning delivery. This does not mean that SUNY Orange offers every course in the program online; however, many are offered in this format. Please check the current credit course schedule for online DL virtual course listings offered each semester.

Career and Transfer Focus

This program is designed for students to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

Anthropology is a flexible major with broad application to many fields.

Students may also take their studies further and pursue careers in academia, business, government, community building, and the non-profit sector.

Three Reasons to Consider the Anthropology Track in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science

  1. You’re interested in people and want to study the diversity and breadth of the human experience.
  2. You’re looking for a local, affordable, high-quality program that will give you an excellent foundation for further study at the Bachelor’s level upon transfer.
  3. You’re looking for small class sizes where you can easily build academic and professional relationships with faculty and other students.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduating with a Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science degree, students will:

  • demonstrate foundational knowledge of and an appreciation for the cultural, social, and natural worlds
  • recognize the diversity of human experience, values, and perspectives
  • demonstrate an understanding of the forms of artistic expression and their creative processes
  • apply critical thinking and systematic reasoning skills.
  • demonstrate information management, quantitative skills, and an understanding of the role of empirical measurement
  • use effective oral and written communication skills
  • transfer to, and succeed at, an upper-level institution

Keep This in Mind

At the associate’s degree level, an anthropology concentration will contain courses that introduce the student to the study of anthropology and some of its major subfields, and will transfer well into multiple 4-year degree programs. Therefore, an anthropology psychology concentration is a good starting point for multiple career options.

You have several elective choices in this degree. It’s best to work with your advisor to carefully choose elective courses that will best complement your academic and career interests.

Maintaining a good GPA is critical to be competitive in pursuing admission to your transfer institution.

To pursue a career as an anthropologist, you will need to take your studies beyond a 4-year degree to master’s and/or doctoral level.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have high school equivalency diplomas (HSEs). If students are not high school graduates, they may be eligible for admission to the College’s 24 Credit Hour Program. If students are home schooled, they may be eligible for admission.

Transfer Options

SUNY Orange has special relationships with upper-level colleges and universities for transfer. These transfer institutions include:

  • four-year institutions in the State University of New York (SUNY) system
  • private NYS and national four-year institutions

To provide for a smooth transfer, students should consult with both their academic advisors and the potential transfer institutions for academic course selection and guidance as soon as possible.


Your Career Coach

The Associate in Arts degree program serves as a foundation for students who will complete their bachelor’s degree at a four- year institution. They may then pursue careers in a number of areas. In addition, successful completion of a bachelor’s degree can also lead to continued study on the graduate level.

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Program Availability Status

Courses for the anthopology track within the Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science degree are available during the daytime and evening at the Middletown campus. Some courses are available online.