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College and Career Skills (CCS)

English Department

CCS 100—Career Planning (Liberal Arts Elective)

1 cr.

This course is designed to improve self-awareness and knowledge of the career decision-making process. Topics include self-exploration, career and career theory study, decision-making skills, information gathering from library and community resources, and the skills required to look for a job. Lectures, films, individual and group exercises, reading and writing assignments, and worksheet activities will be used to provide students with an in-depth career planning experience. For additional information contact Office of Career and Internship Services.

CCS 101—College Success Seminar (Liberal Arts Elective)

2 cr.

This is an interdisciplinary course designed to assist the student in making the transition to college, and to promote the development of a successful college experience. Students will define ways in which they are responsible for their own experiences in college. Topics include: setting goals, managing time, identifying cognitive styles, understanding relationships, accessing college and community resources, employing critical thinking, planning careers, appreciating diversity, clarifying values, achieving wellness, and incorporating information resources in the college experience. For additional information contact the Advising and Counseling Center at 341-4070.

CCS 102—College Life Skills (General Elective)

1 cr.

This course is designed to bring together strategies and skills to increase the student's probability of success in a wide variety of goals. Based on established theory and practice in many academic disciplines, students will have the opportunity to apply these techniques to the tasks they face in a college setting. This course is not open to students who have completed CCS 101 College Success Seminar.