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Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

IDS 114—American Civil Rights Movements

3 cr.

This interdisciplinary course explores the historic and ongoing struggles on the part of minority and marginalized groups to dismantle the social, cultural, political and economic barriers that prevent them from fully enjoying the promise of American democracy. Using African Americans' struggle for freedom and rights as a framework, the course considers similar movements by women, LGBTQ persons and other marginalized groups seeking recognition, rights, and equality. Additionally, the course assesses the sources and consequences of racism, discrimination, prejudice, misogyny, homophobia, and other ideas of difference that create and foster inequality. Fulfills Category A. (GE 4)

IDS 115—Introduction to Gender

3 cr.

This is an introductory and foundational course on the key concepts, themes and theories of study of gender and sexuality. It will examine gender as an outcome of biological, social and cultural systems. This course will introduce students to basic concepts such as gender, sex, sexuality, gender differences and gender socialization. It will then explore how gender concepts and behaviors shape and are shaped by larger social institutions, including class divisions, ethnicity, media, philosophy/religions, educational and economic systems, and governments. (GE 7)

IDS 151—Introduction to Sustainability

3 cr.

This course will explore meanings of sustainability, including its historical context and application to contemporary global society.