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Anthropology (ANT)

Culture, Society and the Mind

Behavioral Sciences Department

ANT 101—Cultural and Social Anthropology

3 cr.


A cross-cultural approach to the nature of culture as humanity's means of existence, focusing on such topics as the method of scientific research in cultural anthropology, the basis of language, a comparative study of events of the human life cycle, family and kinship, religion and ritual, and theories of social change and development. Fulfills Category C. (GE 3)

ANT 102—Human Evolution

3 cr.


This course applies Darwinian evolutionary theory to an examination of the position of the human species within the animal kingdom, the characteristics of primates, the evolutionary origins of human behavioral patterns, the fossil record of human evolution, the study of race, and continuing human evolution. Fulfills Category C. (GE 3)

ANT 103—Archaeology and Prehistory

3 cr.


This course investigates the contribution made by archaeological science to an understanding of the process by which human society evolved from earliest forms to the emergence of complex civilizations in various parts of the world prior to historical times. Fulfills Category C. (GE 3)

ANT 104—Archaeological Field Experience

1 lect., 6 lab, 3 cr.

This is a three credit class designed to provide students with experience conducting archaeological research. Students will participate in all aspects of the field process including laying out a grid, excavating test pits, mapping, photographing, documenting the archaeological record, and recovering artifacts and features. Instructor-led lecture and discussion will begin each field day so that students are able to understand the larger context of the work they are doing. In addition, select field trips and guest speakers will provide additional context for the specific site to be investigated. Length of time in the field will be a minimum of 100 hours over four weeks.

ANT 220—Indians of North America

3 cr.


This course is an analysis of Native American cultures north of Mexico from early times to the modern era. Ecological, historic and ethnographic data are utilized to review the various cultural areas. The southwest, plains, northwest, southeast and northeast cultures.