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Teaching Assistant

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Teaching Assistant Gateway Courses:

  • Gateway courses: PSY 111
  • Electives:
    Restricted Electives Options: This program has been developed to include options matching the New York State Teaching Certifications:
    • Option 1: For students who do not wish to follow a particular grade range (View table below).
    • Option 2: Birth to 2nd Grade (Choose 3 courses from the table below)
    • Option 3: 1st to 6th Grade (Choose 3 courses from the table below)
    • Option 4: 7th to 12th Grade (View table below)

Courses above have been recommended by the department to help introduce you to the program (Gateway courses) and guide you in selecting courses that will provide you with the best academic experience (Key courses and suggested Electives).



++ Local daytime observations beyond college classroom are required. Students will be placed according to their employment/school needs.

*Each elective must be chosen from the following SUNY General Education categories: Mathematics (GE1), Natural Sciences (GE2), American History (GE4), Western Civilization (GE5), Other World Civilizations (GE6), Humanities (GE7), Arts (GE8), or Foreign Languages (GE9), with at least ONE from either Category 4, 5, or 6.  Do not take more than one elective from the same category.