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Physical Education Activity (Majors)

Health Sciences and Wellness

Movement Sciences Department

PEM 160—Aerobic Fitness

1 cr.

Principles and theory of aerobic & endurance conditioning and body composition for athletic and sedentary populations across the lifespan will be taught. The course will be based on the principles, concepts and guidelines for aerobic endurance conditioning according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Students will be prepared to apply the proper training and conditioning protocols for all populations based on goals, indications, contraindication, and physical evaluation of the individual. Students will actively participate in movement and assessment throughout the semester.

PEM 161—Racquet Sports 1

1 cr.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of racquet sports with application to understanding of rules, proper skill to demonstrate, safety and effectiveness.

PEM 162—Team Sports

1 cr.

This course is designed for those students majoring in Exercise Studies or Liberal Arts, PE. The course will provide students with a basic knowledge of the Team Sports of Basketball and Baseball with application to the understanding of rules and strategy, the proper skills to demonstrate, safety issues and teaching effectiveness.

PEM 163—Studio Fitness

1 cr.

This course provides the student with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to instruct others and see measurable improvement in his/her personal physical fitness levels as preparation for the physical demand of daily living. Emphasis is placed upon activities/movements taught in yoga, Pilates, and Barre, that provide training in strength and mobility conditioning for various movement patterns. Spinal stability is a key focus point in this course as well as the mind-body-breathe connection.

PEM 164—Dance

1 cr.

This course will provide students with basic knowledge in various aspects of dance as a performing art. The psychomotor aspect will focus on body alignment, dance technique, flexibility, execution, and recollection of short dance combinations. The cognitive aspect will cover dance history and culture. Proper dance attire is required for dance performances.

PEM 165—Beg-Int/Adv-Learn to Swim

1 cr.

This class is for those who can swim across a 50-yard pool. In this class you will learn how to: breathe effectively, tread water, dive in from the edge and use swimming equipment (kick boards, pull buoys, hand paddles, fins). You will be introduced to and gain further development of the 4 competitive swimming strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly). An introduction to flip turns and intervals (50 yard repeats) will be taught. Underwater videotaping and stroke review and analysis will occur.


Ability to swim across a 50-yard pool continuously. You MUST be comfortable in deep water. Please take this course as preparation for Water Safety Instructor.

PEM 166—Golf/Badminton

1 cr.

Course is designed for individuals interested in teaching/coaching golf/badminton. Consists of rules, equipment, essential offensive, defensive and special situation strategies, factors in seasonal planning and basic skill analysis as well as conditioning principles.

PEM 167—Weight Training

1 cr.

This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of strength training with application to muscular strength, muscular endurance and body composition. It is designed to instruct students who are interested in pursuing a degree in an area of exercise science how to properly perform and instruct others utilizing different modes of resistance training with respect to proper set up, form, safety and effectiveness. This course introduces scientific theories in combination with engagement of multiple muscle group activities. Students are required to construct a portfolio and complete a student teaching experience. This course is restricted to Exercise Studies majors.

PEM 168—Alpine Ski/Boarding

1 cr.

Course is intended to introduce participants to basic skills and practices, safety issues, knowledge and skills specific to incorporating outdoor recreation into the physical education and recreational pursuits. Activities are applied and analyzed experiential education, rappelling, rock climbing, orienteering, geocaching, hiking and backpacking, camping, mountain biking, and kayaking and others as appropriate. The entire class will be taught outdoors and on a variety of outdoor locations. Participants should expect to meet on location at 8:00 am on each of the designated Saturday mornings. Overnight camping skills will be learned and practiced each weekend. No experience is necessary.

PEM 169—Leadership Skills/Group Games

1 cr.

This course will give students an opportunity to gain leadership skills in the coaching and physical education field. Throughout the class students will use critical thinking skills, learn new games to improve individual, team sports and cooperative games. Each student will use physical concepts applied to sports.

PEM 170—Water Exercise

1 cr.

This class offers knowledge and skills to keep fit for life. It teaches safe performance of movement and exercise in a progressive approach and offers an opportunity to improve and/or maintain a high level of fitness through application of aerobic training principles in an aquatic environment. Swimming skills are not required. This class is designed for all fitness levels. Students are encouraged to understand their own limitations and work within their bounds. Students will be able to design and teach a 60-minute base-level class. This class will offer instruction and practice in proper aquatic exercise conditioning techniques and safety procedures. The comprehensive workout incorporates aerobic conditioning, muscular strengthening, abdominal toning, and tension-release stretching sections to improve aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility without the negative effects of gravity. Students will be encouraged to exercise at their own comfort level and engage in a variety of low-impact movements from low to high intensity. This water conditioning class will focus on improving the cardiovascular and muscle systems, but also cover basic principles of exercise science, nutrition, cardiovascular and muscle endurance programming. Workouts will include warm-up, cardio-, muscle-, and core-conditioning, and range of motion exercises both in the shallow and deep pools. Classes might incorporate use of flotation equipment for buoyancy and water resistance, and a mini lecture at the start and/or end of class. Class activities include basic water aerobics, intervals, circuits, games, and other styles of upright water workouts.

PEM 172—Coaching Skills

1 cr.

The skills courses are designed for students majoring in exercise studies or Liberal Arts/physical education. Department Chair approval is needed for students not in these majors to take this course. This course will give students the opportunity to explore different coaching skills and theories including: team preparation, playing time, roster management, club/travel teams, parent involvement, training principles, and program management.

PEM 173—Officiating

1 cr.

This course will give students an introduction to sports officiating. Students will learn rules of major sports, how to position them to make correct calls on courts, and fields. Students will develop style and mechanics of officiating. Students will have a chance to do some live officiating and evaluations of other officials. Students will explore how one becomes an official.