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Electrical Technology (EET)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Computer Science & Technology Department

EET 104—Digital Electronics 1

3 lect., 3 lab, 4 cr.


This course begins with a basic understanding of digital fundamentals such as binary and hex numbers, basic logic functions, Boolean Algebra, logic minimization and simple combinational logic circuits. Additional topics such as electrical characteristics of TTL and CMOS logic are discussed. The student will then explore a few basic designs using CAD programs. The student will explore combinational logic functions, arithmetic circuits, sequential logic, programmable logic architectures, counters and shift registers, state machine design, logic DAC and ADC. The student will be introduced to CPLD applications and VHDL.


Successful completion (DVP) of MAT 020 or MAT 040 or placement into MAT 092 or higher

EET 110—Computer Applications and Graphics

2 lect., 2 lab, 3 cr.


This entry level course is designed to introduce the student to computer graphical concepts and the visual display of information. Topics include layouts, charts, drawings, illustrations, computer aided design, image manipulation and enhancement, and graphic presentations. Projects include graphical techniques and analysis for graphic arts, medical imaging, and the sciences. Applications used include word processing, spreadsheet, databases, graphical presentation, photo editing, illustrating and computer aided design.