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First Year Experience (FYE)

Advisory Board Division Department

FYE 100—First Year Experience

1 lect., 1 cr.


This course is designed to help students in their academic community develop skills to support academic success and degree completion. Students are encouraged to take a section that corresponds with their community, as participation provides an opportunity for students to build a connection to the college, faculty and other students with similar career goals. Students will learn about the resources available at the college, how to navigate critical technology, and develop information literacy skills. Students will be introduced to the numerous job opportunities in the field as they are guided through setting educational goals, explore discipline-specific issues, and learn about a variety of topics including the transfer and advising processes, careers, scholarships, and campus expectations. Students successfully completing the course will leave with a toolbox of skills to support their academic and professional success as well as with a stronger connection to their academic community.