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Early Childhood Development and Care A.A.S.

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Early Childhood Development and Care (A.A.S.) Gateway Courses:

  • Gateway courses: EDU 101, EDU 105
  • Key courses: EDU 101, EDU 105, EDU 107, EDU 109, EDU 111, EDU 201, EDU 202, EDU 203, EDU 204, EDU 206, EDU 208

Courses above have been recommended by the department to help introduce you to the program (Gateway courses) and guide you in selecting courses that will provide you with the best academic experience (Key courses and suggested Electives).



+Local daytime observations beyond college classroom required.

*MAT 102 or higher (MAT 111 recommended)

#These electives MUST satisfy three (3) different SUNY General Education categories chosen ONLY from: Natural Sciences (GE2), American History (GE4), Western Civilization (GE5), Other World Civilizations (GE6), Arts (GE8), Foreign Languages (GE9), with at least ONE from either Category GE 4, GE 5 or GE 6.

%Offered Spring semester only

@Offered Fall semester only

!Prerequisite clarification for Early Childhood Development and Care A.A.S. majors: PSY 111 and EDU 101