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Architectural Technology

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Architectural Technology Gateway Courses:

  • Gateway courses: ARC 105, ARC 111, CAD 101, ARC 101
  • Key courses (for transfer):
    • Architectural Design sequence: ARC 111, ARC 112, ARC 211, ARC 212
    • Visualization sequence: ARC 101, ARC 102, CAD 101, CAD 102
    • Architectural History sequence: ARC 215, ARC 216
  • Key courses (for employment):
    • Building Materials and Working Drawings sequence:  ARC 105, ARC 106, ARC 205, ARC 206
  • Electives: Speak with your advisor to determine which Category E and SUNY Restricted Electives would best transfer into a Bachelor of Architecture program

Courses above have been recommended by the department to help introduce you to the program (Gateway courses) and guide you in selecting courses that will provide you with the best academic experience (Key courses and suggested Electives).



*COM 101 satisfies the requirement of COM 100
**Select one from three different SUNY lists: G3A (SUNY Social Science), G4A (SUNY US History & Gov) or G5A (SUNY World History)