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Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Science

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Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Science Gateway Courses:

  • Gateway courses: MAT 205
  • Key courses: MAT 205, MAT 206, MAT 207

A minimum of 30 credits of math and science combined is required for this degree. At least 6 credits of math must be College Algebra (MAT 121) or higher, at least 3 credits of which must be a G1A (SUNY Mathematics) course and at least 6 credits of science must be from the G2A (SUNY Natural Sciences) list.

Courses above have been recommended by the department to help introduce you to the program (Gateway courses) and guide you in selecting courses that will provide you with the best academic experience (Key courses and suggested Electives).



*Minimum credit value for this course is 3 credits. Students may fulfill this requirement with a course of a higher credit value.

**Select from G4A (SUNY US History & Gov) or G5A (SUNY World History)

***MAT 111 or higher, AST, BIO, CHM, CSC 101, CSC 102, CSC 138, CSC 201, GEO 101, GLG, MLT 101, MLT 106, MLT 110, MLT 209, PHY, PSC

****Select from G8A (SUNY Arts) or G9A (SUNY World Languages)

@Can be an elective if G6A (SUNY Diversity) has already been met

See SUNY Transfer Path link for information about recommended courses