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Web Development

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Program Description

The Associate in Applied Science degree program in Web Development prepares students for employment in a variety of entry-level careers in the areas of web site development, implementation, and management.

This is a Web Development degree with a server-side concentration and exposure to the full stack. It is not a study of designing web site displays – this program’s focus is on the back-end, server-side functions required to support today’s use of the Internet. The program intends to provide students with a firm foundation in core internet / web technologies, a familiarity with Internet architecture and web protocol, and a proficiency in web server management.

Web Development in basic terms comprises all the components required for developing, deploying, and supporting web sites for the internet. Creating an attractive “front-end” web page, which usually falls under the heading of Web Design, is only the beginning. There is so much more required on the “back-end” to support web applications including the programming side that enables a website to run and function properly.

The theory and practical experience students gain in the Web Development degree program allow them to compete for and earn jobs with highly competitive salaries.

A Day in the Life ...

Web developers may find themselves working on coding the front-end, coding the back-end code, or both. Sometimes the situation may require some overlap into web design. Employment can involve independent freelance work or working in an organization's IT, marketing, or customer relations department.

One thing is certain, workers in this field are almost always required to work in teams and collaborate.  There are so many “pieces” that seldom can one person do it all.  Whether in the office or remote, employees in this field must work together to develop and maintain websites. 

Three Reasons to Consider Web Development

  1. Demand for education and training in Web Development is rising as more opportunities of employment surface in this area.  The U.S. Dept. of Labor states on their Occupational Statistics Handbook web page that “Employment of web developers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations”.
  2. Demand for developers will be driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and ecommerce.
  3. Our program combines a substantial amount of training in a broad spectrum of disciplines that comprise Web Development including design, scripting, structured programming, administration, security, database management, network support, and mobile application development.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop, test, and implement web applications using scripting and programming tools incorporating accepted standards and protocols. 
  • Working within a team environment, develop and implement dynamic, interactive web sites through a series of both assigned and student-driven projects. 
  • Understand the various components involved in supporting and administering web services required to host a website.    
  • Become familiar with various web development frameworks that aid in developing faster and smarter applications.
  • Implement websites using appropriate security principles, and incorporate best practices to develop web environments that deliver strong user experiences.

Keep This in Mind

This is a complex field utilizing rapidly changing toolsets and technologies.  Industry standards are constantly evolving.

Server-side support and other aspects of web development are highly collaborative vocations.  It is rare, even in small businesses, that one person has the knowledge to address all the required layers involved in an implementation.  In today’s development and support environments, employees must work well in a team setting to accomplish the business’ goals.

It is important that students stay in close touch with their advisors and remain in sequence with the course of study because some of the classes are only offered once per academic year.

Admissions Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have high school equivalency diplomas (HSEs). If students are home schooled, they may be eligible for admission.

Transfer Options

This degree was created in 2022.  Options for transfer are not yet known.

Your Career Coach

Entry level opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Server side developer and administrators
  • Web programmer
  • Web operations and security professional
  • API developer
  • as well as entry-level jobs in the field of cloud computing infrastructure

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Program Availability Status

This program is available during the daytime on the Middletown campus. Some required courses, but not all, can be taken in the evening.