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Computer Science

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Program Description

The Associate in Science degree program in Computer Science is designed for students of mathematics and science who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at senior colleges and universities. Its goal is to prepare the students for a successful transfer into such degree programs.

The curriculum is structured to emphasize scientific applications and the theoretical concepts which underlie computer design and development, languages, and systems. The program provides the core courses that would be encountered in the first two years of study at most four-year institutions.

Associate degree core courses in calculus, linear algebra, discrete math, digital electronics, computer science, data structures and assembly language programming constitute the nucleus of this program. Selected courses in the liberal arts support and enhance this central core.

To initiate this plan of study, students must have tested into college algebra (MAT 121) or higher on the mathematics placement test. Students who do not meet the math requirement can be successful in reaching their academic goals by taking foundation courses and extending the program to three years.

A Day in the Life ...

The majority of Computer Scientists work in the area of programming software and applications development, although some might be involved in the infrastructure side of Information Technology. Generally, Computer Scientists use technology to solve problems by creating applications, developing websites, storing and retrieving data, and controlling other equipment.  The job is often very collaborative requiring work be done in teams to analyze, design, implement and test software.

Three Reasons to Consider Computer Science

  1. Computer Science is a very wide area of study that can be applied in many different fields. Those with a degree will have a broad job market to explore.
  2. Our program’s goal is to prepare students for a successful transfer into a B.S. degree program at a senior college or university. Most graduates with an A.S. degree in Computer Science plan to transfer and earn their B.S. in the field as quickly as possible.
  3. Our curriculum includes classwork utilizing three popular and useful programming environments (such as Python, Java, and C++) along with a unique class in Digital Electronics that better prepares students to be able to program and develop in real-world environments.

Program Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate ability in problem solving and communicating algorithms clearly, utilizing structures/top-down algorithm design processes.
  • demonstrate familiarity with a wide variety of abstract data structures and data encapsulation concepts.
  • demonstrate knowledge of assembler language programming as it applies to computer architecture and operating systems.
  • demonstrate ability in computational methods of mathematics and physical science necessary for computer modeling.

Keep This in Mind

In this program, you will be given every opportunity to examine the broad field of Computer Science and learn how it applies to many different professional fields.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have high school equivalency diplomas (HSEs). If students are home schooled, they may be eligible for admission.

Transfer Options

SUNY Orange has special relationships with upper-level colleges and universities for transfer. These transfer institutions include:

  • Clarkson University
  • Florida Memorial University
  • Marist College
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • St. John’s University
  • SUNY Binghamton
  • SUNY Buffalo
  • SUNY Institute of Technology
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • SUNY Oneonta
  • SUNY Purchase

Click here for more information about “seamless” transfer to other four-year SUNY schools:

Your Career Coach

Career opportunities exist in the following fields:

  • computer engineering
  • computer systems analysis
  • education
  • computer programming
  • cryptology
  • applied mathematics
  • financial analysis

Program Availability Status

The Computer Science degree program is available during the day on the Middletown campus.